We want married couples to connect in a real way, in the ways God intended for them to connect. We are strategic about creating ways to equip individual couples, empower small groups for couples and inspire married couples in larger group settings.  It's not therapy, it's just taking one step closer to each other in your marriage.

MarriedPeople Live

This is a powerful, two-hour events for married people, no matter where you are in your marriage or your faith. You can expect lots of laughter, creative programming, great music, relevant messages, dessert and an opportunity to connect with another couple in the same season of life as you.

MarriedPeople Home Groups

Our Small Group Experiences have one simple goal—to help couples connect.  It's not therapy.  Couples in the same season of life spend five sessions together discovering our Core Values: Have Serious Fun; Respect and Love; Love God First; Practice Your Promise.

MarriedPeople Date Night

When is the last time you went on a date?  Did you discuss anything other than kids and work?  We provide mush-free tools that both men and women will love designed to get you talking and laughing again with each other.  We do that through date nights (childcare available) and monthly E-Zines.


Tony Kensinger
PASTOR To Families

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