Grow provides a clear goal and pathway for everyone desiring to move to the next level in their spiritual walk. The three phasesaddressed in Grow are: LAUNCH, LEARN and LEAD. What phase of your walk with God are you in and where can we help take you? 



Begin a closer and more meaningful relationship with God through LAUNCH!

Launch Addresses questions such as: How do I know I am saved? Why should I be baptized? What is prayer and how should I pray? LAUNCH is also required for anyone wanting to be water baptized at Visalia First.


Additionally, for those wanting to get an understanding of the Bible and take a hands-on approach to learning.  LAUNCH BIBLE will help you obtain an overview of the entire Bible and understand the context it was written in. You will be able to discover which version is the best fit for you without feeling overwhelmed or intimidated.


Discover your exact spiritual gifts and understand God's design for you within the Church through LEARN.

In addition to your spiritual gifts you will also find out your personal ministry stye and the best place for you to fit within the Dream Team! 


LEAD course focuses on instilling church culture, vision, and leadership principles into our church body.

You will learn the important elements in Glocal involvement and Leadership Development that will prepare you to serve and multiply where God is calling you! LEAD is necessary to receive your Membership at Visalia First, but membership is not required when you attend this course. 


**Each class listed above is a 4 week long session and takes place several times throughout the year during one of our services.  Please contact Jill at 733-9070 ext. 121 or to find out our next start date, room location & time.