We are so excited to be working with your organization and event.  We hope to meet all your venue needs.  Please take some time to complete the intake form below.  Please provide all required fields.  This form will help us begin set up of online sales for your event.  

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Once you have submitted this form please send an event graphic to  Your graphic should submitted as a .jpeg or .png.  Please try not to send graphics that are posters or fliers, in other words graphics that have a lot of writing, this should be an image with the name of your event only.


If you should have questions about your event contact


To view how we run ticketing for outside events click the link below to see a sample event.

Seating Chart

If you would like to view our arena's seating chart click below.


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Contact Name
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Event Date
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What Time Does Event Start?
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Doors Open
What Time will doors open before start of event?
Do you wish for all registrants to be able to pick their seat number and section from a seating chart during registration? Or, will your event be first come first serve seating?
What Date Will Tickets Go On Sale For Event? *
What Date Will Tickets Go On Sale For Event?
When can public begin registering?
When Will Ticket Sales End? *
When Will Ticket Sales End?
When is Registration Closed?
A discounted ticket for early registrants that will end on a certain date?
If yes, When Will Early Bird Tickets End?
If yes, When Will Early Bird Tickets End?
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Seats you wish to BLOCK OFF from public so your organization can give these seats to special guests.
Tickets you wish to sell at a premium price for better located seats and sections.
Email, phone number, or whatever contact info if the public should have questions on event.
i.e., Name, Phone Number, How Did You Hear About Event?


  1. Convenience fee for using Brushfire (our online ticketing software) is as follows; 1% + $1.00 (i.e.; $25 ticket = $1.25 fee).
  2. Convenience fees will be passed on to registrant at time of registration.
  3. A check for all event ticket sales will be made out and issued to designated business or individual listed in contract 2 weeks after end of event.