Pastor Mike & Karen Robertson

Thank you for taking a moment, we are Mike and Karen Robertson, Lead Pastors of Visalia First since 2008. We have a passion to help others see in themselves their God given dreams and purpose come to life! We would love to meet you at a Saturday or Sunday service.

About Mike and Karen:
Mike and Karen Robertson are the Lead Pastors of  Visalia First in Visalia, California.  Mike is a best-selling author and international speaker, but most noted for his passion to grow the local church. Visalia First influences over 7,000 each week through its digital platforms and has a weekly campus attendance of 4,000.  Karen leads the Visalia First Worship Arts Department and has recorded three albums.




Everyone wants to be successful in life. We all want to overcome our problems, hardships and difficulties and achieve our dreams. Unfortunately, many of us struggle on a daily basis to succeed. Though our culture offers many solutions to our problems, these solutions always end in failure. We wish we could find solutions to our spiritual, physical and relational difficulties, but an answer seems to allude us. 

In Mind Viruses, Pastor Mike Robertson shows us how to find fulfillment in life by changing the way we think. Mike shows us that if we can make adjustments in our thinking, we can live the life we always dreamed of.


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My desire has always been to make God known in the ways I have come to know God. Accepting a call to ministry during a youth rally when I was 16, my life was set on course to fulfill that calling. 

Some have asked me what it is that they feel when I lead worship or minister in song. My response is, “Every song has a message”. Every time I stand to minister, I feel that I am preaching the Gospel of Jesus to the audience. If I ever leave a time of ministry with a sense that the message was not conveyed, that is the most disappointing part for me, more so than missing a vocal lick or someone in the band playing a wrong chord or out of the pocket. (Well, out of the pocket is almost as disappointing!) I have a strong conviction that Message is first.

The songs within the studio album come from my experience as a Christ follower; lessons learned, prayers of anticipation, acclamation's of God’s All Sufficiency, desire for growth and maturity as I live this life and spur others on to live this life as a Christ-follower.